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Bamboongil’s story began with a reality we simply couldn’t ignore: drastic environmental change has occurred within a few short generations such that – rather than living in harmony with nature – our children are now more familiar with toxic plastics than they are with the organic material from which we and our earth are made. Our mission is to return basic product consumption to be more in line with nature’s harmony by producing sustainable products that are safer for the earth, society, and future generations.

If we look at our grandparents’ way of life (let alone their grandparents!) as opposed to now, there is a stark contrast. Our grandparents lived more closely attuned to all five natural, material elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) and intuitively understood their relationship within that natural balance. Now the world is becoming increasingly disconnected from nature’s precious balance: city kids often don’t realize that food comes from the earth – not a supermarket – and they do not realize the items they use are poisoning the planet. The same goes for adults – from the phones, we use to our basic products like socks or toothbrushes, we simply use and discard without further thought. 

The misuse of the earth’s limited resources has resulted in a level of pollution that has nearly gone beyond the earth’s capacity to heal. However, if we intelligently utilize the five elements to work in harmony with nature’s natural cycles, we can produce essential products without causing irreversible harm. Working with the five elements of nature means we work according to its laws and use this knowledge to achieve greater health and happiness as a planetary whole. 

Following the current news cycle is not encouraging: In China, daily 2020 emissions as of April began to exceed those of 2019, according to carbonmonitor.org. In the United States, they began passing 2019 daily levels in August and continued to do so as the pandemic worsened. Globally, there’s been a devastating lack of improvement. 

Now more than ever, it’s time as a global community to join in healing nature and to understand we are nature: what we do to the earth we do to ourselves. At Bamboongil,  we want to return people’s lifestyles to living more closely to nature’s intrinsic intelligence and we are confident that any small step will work in reducing waste. 

While we know this step is not the only action needed, we know that every step is of deep significance for better environmental change. We believe that instead of plastic, Bamboo is a more sustainable choice for our current lifestyle; not only does it make less of an environmental footprint, replacing plastic with bamboo upholds bigger goals of eliminating pollution and, instead, replenishing the earth’s natural green. 

Using bamboo material for home and garden products instead of single-use plastics will make a lasting, eco-friendly change that is much-needed.  To that end, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. With ecologically ethical practices in mind, we are happy to offer high-quality and stylish products at budget-friendly costs.